Lama Rabten Teaches on the Four Reminders

Lama Rabten with the Nalandabodhi Toronto Sangha

We had the good fortune of welcoming Lama Rabten to join the Nalandabodhi Toronto Sangha this past Victoria Day weekend. The weekend included teachings and contemplative practices on The Four Reminders.

The Four Reminders, or Four Common Preliminaries, are teachings to inspire a stronger effort in meditation. The Reminders are the Preciousness of Human Birth, Death and Impermanence, Karma Cause and Effect, and Retribution of Samsara.

Lama Rabten teaches on the Four RemindersDuring five teachings, Lama introduced each Reminder, leading an exploration of it’s deeper meanings and helping to make it more relevant to daily meditation practice. The teachings included opportunities to meditate on the Four Reminders, allowing attendees to integrate the teachings into their practice and develop a stronger connection to the Reminders.

Members also enjoyed a dinner with Lama Rabten on Saturday evening.

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