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The Myth of the Self

Imagine standing on a scenic mountain peak and looking out at the world in all directions without any obstructions. These days, if we see someone behaving selfishly, we might say they’re “being egotistical.” If someone thinks you have a really “big ego,” they may even post a blog calling you an “egomaniac.” From the standpoint of our […]

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2017 Winter Retreat is Coming!

Please join us for Nalandabodhi’s 2017 East Coast Winter Retreat! Start the New Year with fresh insight and a fresh mind.

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Introduction to Buddhism

Introduction to Buddhism
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How to Be Kind to Difficult People

  We have so many concepts about others, and sometimes even before we know that person, we’ve already given them this label: “Difficult.” It’s like a big tag they’re wearing whenever we see them. So I think what’s obstructing us from dealing with them is our prejudgments and preconceptions about who they are. We have […]

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Why Go Kind? Demystifying Kindness

At the end of a retreat in Malaysia earlier this month, Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche spoke about how working with our mind is a way of helping others, how to make kindness a regular practice, and how to overcome the obstacles that prevent us from doing what we can to help.   Getting to know our mind […]

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